Preaching funny

Humor is not one of the strong points in my preaching.  I do recognize good humor when I see it.  What makes humor effective in my book is when it  is rooted in reality.  Recently I came across the following anecdote that a pastor included in a paper he presented at the Evangelical Homiletics Society’s annual meeting at Gordon Conwell this past week.  I thought I would share it with all of you for your own edification:

“After church, a woman shook the pastor’s hand at the door and went on and on in her praise.  ‘That sermon,’ she exclaimed, ‘was one of the most wonderful I’ve ever heard.’  The humble pastor couldn’t accept such a great compliment.  ‘Oh, it really wasn’t me, ‘ he said, ‘It was all the Lord.’  ‘Oh no,’ she quickly assured him, ‘it wasn’t that good.’ “1

I hope you find it funny.  I did, because I can truly imagine it happening that way!

1. Stephen Tu, “What makes a  Sermon Good?”


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