That’s one way to beat the system

A lot of information has come out about Steve Jobs the last few weeks.  This is one nugget that I had not heard of.  Jobs apparently refused to buy a license plate.  Here’s how he beat the system:

For years, rumors swirled that Jobs had either won a special dispensation from
California authorities or was just daring police to stop him. While the why
remains somewhat cloudy, an interview by ITWire with a former Apple security executive reveals the real
reason: a little-known loophole in California vehicle laws that gives owners up
to six months to get plates for their vehicles.

According to Jon Callas,
now chief technical officer of Entrust, Jobs would arrange with his vehicle
leasing company to switch out his silver Mercedes every six months with a new,
identical model.

I don’t condone the behavior, but it sure was clever!


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