Breaking the Silence

There have been a lot of news stories circulating concerning of the growing abuse scandal surrounding Penn State University.  I have tried several times to write about it, but I am afraid that I could not write about it without huge quantities of carnality and anger.  Thus, I think it better to leave the details to the news outlets and remind believers, especially ministers, that we have a moral and legal obligation to protect the innocent in cases of abuse and neglect.  Each person is a someone special to God who was created in the image of God.  May God’s grace and presence be with those victims of abuse and their families.  May He bring healing and comfort.

Before I go, here are some poignant articles I have read about this tragedy.*

Protect Our Children

The Tragic Lessons of Penn State–A Call to Action

Heath Evan’s Take

*Millsapian Disclaimer:  I can not speak to the validity and appropriateness of all the content on all of these websites.  Only the content of the articles linked herein.



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