Pardon Me While I Resume Studying…

Psalm 119:37 Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things and give me life in  your ways.

This one is going to hit close to home for many.  I fear that the author has hit upon a deep-seated problem that is increasing in this digital age we live in.   I was thankful for the encouragement the author makes that not all internet activity is inherently sinful after she takes a jack hammer to the idleness that so many of us are so often tempted to enage in.

Here are a couple of take home quotes.

The sin of the busy-body is often when desires are disappointed and we either demand or settle for the pleasure of knowing others’ business. Instead of being connected relationally to God and people, we slip into false intimacy and gather knowledge that doesn’t grow us, but instead wastes time. Like greed or lust, busy-bodying is a thirst for more. We are saying to God that he doesn’t satisfy our hearts.

Stewarding my time, means seeing “internet time” as a resource to be used with wisdom as worship to Jesus.

May we all find our greatest satisfaction in Jesus.


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