Cross one off the Bucket List

Tonight I did it.  We decided on a whim to go to Cheeburger, Cheeburger near our hometown.  I had been proclaiming to anyone who would listen, that I was one day going to have my picture on the wall.  The wall to which I am referring is the “wall of fame” of individuals who eat the “Pounder.”  The “Pounder” is 1lb of pure beef (actually 20 oz. prior to cooking).  Providencially, we had soup for lunch, so tonight was the night!

Armed with Heinz 57 sauce, pickles, a Dr. Pepper,  and a basket of onion rings and fries I dove in and accomplished what most mere mortals are unable (or unwilling) to do. I finished it.  My wife looked thoroughly disgusted, so I did not ask her to snap a photo of me holding the giant stuffed burger they ask you to pose with, but the evidence is on the wall, at least for a few days.

Did I mention I started a diet earlier this week?  Guess I derailed that!  I’ll have to start back next week.  For right now, I am not mourning the loss of the diet!  Rather, I am basking in the glory of my accomplishment (and a full belly).

P.S. I probably won’t attempt to repeat the feat.  Once was enough!


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