Weekly Devotions

Our church has been challenged to a special reading plan this December.  In this month we will spend time filling our hearts about the written word in preparation for the celebration of the Living Word.  On each day during the month we are reading one section from Psalm 119.  The last few days will be spent studying and meditating on the various aspects of the Christmas story.  In case you missed starting out, in order to catch up read Psalm 119:1-40.  After that you can follow this plan:

  • Tuesday:  Psalm 119:41-48
  • Wednesday:  Psalm 119:49-56
  • Thursday:  Psalm 119:57-64
  • Friday:  Psalm 119:65-72
  • Saturday:  Psalm 119:73-80
  • Sunday:  Psalm 119:81-88

Check back next Monday for next week’s list.

Leave me a comment if you are joining in so I can pray for you.


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  1. Jonathan

    Great! Love it!

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