Random Thoughts on the Atonement

I finally finished the torturous biography of Steve Jobs.  I had initially planned to write a book review, but it is simply not worth it.  I learned two things from the biography.  1.  I probably would not have liked Steve Jobs.  2.  I have a new found respect for all things made by Apple.

At long last I have been able to move along in my reading to something that is certain to stir my heart spiritually.  My next reading endeavor is It is Well:  Expositions on the Substitutionary Atonement by Mark Dever and Michael Lawrence.  I wanted to highlight some things from the reading thus far that have struck me.  I hope they stir in you a hunger to know more about the atonement of our sins by Jesus.0

“God has come not to provide what you want or what you think you need–a little peace and order in your life, a little hope in a dim and dismal time.  No, God has come to meet a much deeper, moch more profound need than you may have even known that you have.”  pg 24

“Here in Exodus 12 we are introduced to that old gospel, the biblical gospel.  God would deliver us not because of anything we have done or because of anything that we are–but solely because of Christ’s substitutionary sacrifice for us. ” 25

Quoting Jonathan Edwards about death:

“death serves all alike;as he deals with the poor, so he deals with the rich: is not awed at the appearance of a proud palace, a numerous attendance, or a majestic countenance; pulls a king out of his throne, and summons him before the judgement seat of God, with as few compliments and as little ceremony as he take the poor man out of his cottage.  Death is as rude with emperors as with beggars and handles one with as much gentleness as the other.”   26

I am  So thankful that Jesus took my place and paid the penalty for my sins.


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