When tempted to Give in

I was listening to Dr. Paige Patterson preach in the book of Ruth not long ago.  He was talking about the sinfulness of leaving the promises of God (Bethlehem) for the greener grass in the world (Moab).  In doing so, he hit on a particular area where so many believers fall  short.  We believe that we can somehow enjoy the sinful pleasures of the world and our relationship with the Lord.  He urged his hearers not to be enticed into the persistence in unrepented unconfessed sin.  In his closing admonition, Dr. Patterson quoted Dr. Richard Ross a series of things you must be willing to have happen if you will continue in sin.  I thought they were worthy of publishing here.

  1. Are you willing to face days of distance from Christ?
  2. Are you willing to lose being taken into Christ’s confidence?
  3. Are you willing to see power removed from your preaching, teaching, and speaking?
  4. Are you willing to see doors of opportunity closing?
  5. Are you willing to see innocent people in your circle of influence experience pain and hurt?
  6. Are you willing to experience humiliation when what is done in secret is brought to the light?
  7. Are you willing to lose closeness and intimacy with those closest to you?
  8. Are you willing to allow the celebration of the forces of darkness when you sin?



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