Dusting off the keyboard

I received an incredible spiritual blessing yesterday.  We had a visiting speaker from the Florida Baptist Convention.  After church we went to a local resteraunt to do what Baptists do best…fellowship.  After the meal, our speaker gave my two children a dollar a piece.  On the way home, My 5-year-old tells her mom and me that she can’t decide what she is going to do with her dollar.  When we asked what she meant, she told us that she couldn’t decide whether to spend the money on herself or give it to the missionaries (It’s Annie Armstrong easter offering time–all proceeds go to support the missionaries of the North American Mission Board.)  My bride advised her to pray about it.  About a mile down the road, much to daddy’s delight, my little angel said she was going to give it to the missionaries.  This kid constantly reminds me of the way my heart should be passionate about those who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.



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2 responses to “Dusting off the keyboard

  1. Wow! That sweet baby just blessed my heart. Kids are great. It is good to see you back in blogging mode too.

  2. Yeah, I was super proud!

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