A Reminder for Daddy

I grew up playing baseball, football, and to a lesser degree, basketball. I always figured those skills would come in handy when it came time to coach one of my kids rec. ball teams. The only question was which sport would it be? Imagine my shock whenever I discovered the first sport I would be coaching would be soccer (By the way, even after purchasing Coaching Soccer for Dummies I still no less than nothing about soccer!).
The whole experience has been incredible! It has taught me so much, not the least of which is the brevity of the attention spans of 4 year olds. After the last practice, my little man bounced over to me and asked,”Daddy, were you proud of what I did in practice tonight?” My reply was, “Absolutely!” He turned and bounced back down the hall back to his toys. In that moment, God reminded me of the importance of a father’s love and affirmation in the life of a child. May God help me be the father I should be to my children!


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