A Time to Breathe

The last few months I have found myself immersed in my Doctor of Ministry dissertation.  At the present I am currently awaiting feedback on my first draft before I begin a series of revisions ahead of my February 1, 2015, deadline.  Typing the final period on my first draft, has given me a much needed time to breathe.  Over the course of the last few days, I have begun the painstaking process of catching up on much of what has gone neglected, including some long desired recreational reading and the dusting off of an abandoned blog.  I am currently rereading one of the most underrated, and arguably my favorite series of books from my juvenile reading days, The Prydain Chronicles  by Lloyd Alexander.  I plan to blog a bit about the series in the future.  I am also reading H.B. Charles’ new book On Preaching.  I hope to publish a review in the coming days, and there will most certainly be some quotes that will be published here in the coming days as well.  Thanks for stopping by.  Here is a quote to whet your appetite for what is to come.

There are three kinds of preachers:  the ones you can listen to, the ones you cannot listen to, and the ones you must listen to.  I desire to be the kind of preacher you must listen to.  But that requires more than desire.  It requires hard work.  And that hard work never ends, if you take your preaching seriously.  H.B. Charles, On Preaching, 10.


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