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Come Monday

Now that I have completed my final degree, I have had a bit more time to reflect upon the things I have learned in my past years in ministry.  I was first called to ministry at the age of 16, I was licensed at 17, and ordained at 22.  I served in my first paid staff position at 21.  For the past 9 years I have pastored two great churches.  All total I have been in ministry or ministry training for the past 18 years.  This past fall I was given the opportunity as a guest lecturer at the local Baptist College in the area of pastoral ministry and preaching.  In the pastoral ministry class I reflected upon insights I gained through those years.  Starting on Monday, and admittedly the timing is probably lousy, with the beginning of the Southern Baptist Convention, I will begin a blog series expanding on each of the items that I discussed during that class period.  Here is hoping that my reflection upon those insights will benefit you as it has benefited me.


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